• Scott(Wednesday, June 08 22 11:29 pm EDT)

    Will the modifications required for the adapter affect the value of an sks? Also, will the original permanent magazine no longer be able to work once changes have been made?

  • Pat(Friday, March 04 22 08:05 am EST)

    I purchased the G9 adapter and it works wonderfully. There wasn’t much trouble opening up the stock to accept it. I used a drummel tool. It was just a careful process to take off just enough where needed. The only mild annoyance was not realizing I’d have to cut out an angled relief slot for the arm of the mag catch to protrude into. That part of the stock wall is now very thin , but not enough to compromise the integrity. Other than that , once fitted as per the instructions , it works great!
    It totally changes the manual of arms for the old girl.
    An absolutely worthy upgrade to such a legacy design.

  • Patrick Jackson(Sunday, November 14 21 12:21 pm EST)

    Hey Marcus just wanted to thank you for the awesome gift of shooting without a problem as when I shoot and no problem what so ever no one comes close to the performance of class a fun thank you

  • bruce morgan(Saturday, July 31 21 08:47 am EDT)

    I bought the G9 for my shernic bullpup sks build and absolutely love it!!! Best upgrade for the SKS in years!!!! Thank you Marcus!!!

  • Mike T(Saturday, February 13 21 11:23 am EST)

    I don't know about anyone else, but the customer service that I received was exceptional. I learned about the company from a video on YouTube. After reviewing the company's website, I decided to call the contact number. The person that I spoke with answered all my questions and did not make me feel rushed.

    I placed my order online and received the adapter in 3 days. I had a few questions, so I sent an email. The response was the same day. If the needed information was urgent, I would have called.
    Since installing the adapter, I have shot precisely 200 rounds with no issues.

    Thanks for the awesome product and the excellent customer service.

  • Matt J(Thursday, February 04 21 11:34 am EST)

    Just finished my Promag 30 round magazine conversion.

  • Matt J(Wednesday, January 27 21 05:48 pm EST)

    I upgraded my SKS 1954 Russian version with a new topco stock which looks killer in its tan color. My next step was to have the magazine housing modified to fit a more up to date look and with out the large duckbill. Marcus has the answer and had him install it since I live in the area. It took me several times to get used to loading the magazine but I finally got it down. Keep in mind the duck bill magazines have to be modified to fit this new housing as well. You can modify them using any plastic cutting tool.

  • Bryan D. Schultz(Monday, January 11 21 03:08 pm EST)

    I am in the process of customizing my SKS and have found that the duckbill magazines that come for an SKS do not fit well in magazine pouches for plate carriers. This is the solution! In my infinite wisdom, I ordered the wrong part. Fear not though, because Marcus is a stand-up guy who wants nothing but fair business and awesome customer service of course. Not only is he sending the correct part back, but he even went so far as to offer a magazine for the inconvenience. This business has earned my trust, and I recommend anyone with an SKS to try out these life-changing systems!

  • Gerald(Sunday, January 10 21 10:27 pm EST)

    I have a SKS with a Tapco stock will the G1 mag block work with my gun?

  • Lonnie M.(Saturday, November 14 20 05:51 pm EST)

    Great product and service. I found SKSmagAdapter online and saw they were local. Called the number and went there and he modified 2 SKSs for me in about 30 minutes. I could not be happier with the end result. These weapons have been sitting in the safe for over a decade because shooting was cumbersome with the old style feed. They will definitely get used now. Thank you.

  • John(Tuesday, August 25 20 03:30 pm EDT)

    I would like to thank Marcus for his prompt and attentive help with the installation of the G3 mag adapter into my SGWorks Bullpup! Turns out of course that the issue was with my own compitence and definitely not the adapter. After some back and fourth emails and Marcus' words of wisdom, and him directing me to some appropriate videos - all is well! After my first mag mod I am very happy with the adapter. It simply does what it's supposed to do slick as glass. Thanks again Marcus!

  • Rusty Anderson(Thursday, August 06 20 07:51 pm EDT)

    Hey Marcus, thanks for the install of my G3 the other day, got a chance to do my mag modification's with no issues, feeds great !!

  • David L Toby(Tuesday, May 26 20 06:10 pm EDT)

    Hello Marcus, Recieved my adapter and one mag for my Norinco sks. Works great. I cut down 2 of the promag 20round sks mags and they all ran beautifully. Soo much better than fighting with the old sks mags.

  • Randy Dopheide(Monday, March 09 20 11:57 am EDT)

    I asked them to modify 4 arkangel mags for me and they found a way to do it. They did a great job, and I hope to do business with them again. I would recommend them and their products to anyone.

  • Raymond L Machen(Tuesday, October 08 19 11:49 am EDT)

    Marcus is great at customer service, the G3/1 is an amazing product. So easy to install and makes carrying ammo easier once those freaking duckbills are gone. I found the ProMag 30 round to be easier to convert than the Tapco 20.

  • Michael Bradsher(Sunday, August 13 17 09:53 am EDT)

    Just installed and very easy with no gun smith skills.Runs great and looks great

  • Mike Bradsher(Sunday, August 13 17 09:51 am EDT)

    Just put in on 08/03/2017. very easy only took 2 hours start to finish. Gun runs great no problems.

  • Jeff P(Friday, January 13 17 03:11 pm EST)

    The G9 is by far the most ingenious modification that has been designed for the SKS. The installed G9 looks OEM with my Shernic bullpup and works flawlessly. I had a few questions during my install and dealing with Marcus was unbelievable ... talk about outstanding customer service. 5 stars across the board for Marcus and the G9 and look forward to more innovations from sksmagadapter for the SKS

  • jackcaptjr(Wednesday, April 20 16 08:25 pm EDT)

    Hello Guys,
    I just finished building an SG Works Bullpup using a Norinco SKS. I installed the G5/1 mag adapter and it all went super smooth. This is the 4th SKS build for me and I now use Marcus's mag adapter on
    all of them. About 5 years ago I was really struggling with building a reliable removable mag SKS. I distroyed several Tapco duckbill mags trying to get them to feed reliably. Nothing really worked.
    I was 80% reliable at best. Then I heard about the SKSmagAdapter and bought a G3/1. Feeding problems 100% solved. Since then, I will not build an SKS without one. They are that reliable. And the mags
    now store easy like an AK or AR mag. No more duckbills .....quack quack!

  • Anthony D.(Monday, November 23 15 01:21 pm EST)

    Combined the adaptor with a Bullpup kit and everything Ben Murray offers. Completely different rifle- for the better. I have everything there is to buy and this makes an SKS far more fun and
    operable. Big props to Marcus for being the epitome of fantastic customer service and for caring that he produces a quality American designed and manufactured accessory for the SKS rifle.

  • MikeInTexas(Thursday, September 17 15 06:06 pm EDT)

    I had occasion to be up in Houston a couple of months ago, so I called Marcus to see if he could show me the magadapter. We looked at the G5 and the G9 and they are really great products. I am sold
    on the G9 and will be placing my order today! I am left handed so he is fitting me with an ambi mag release. Great product Marcus! Keep up the good work! MikeInTexas

  • Dean in Vegas(Wednesday, April 08 15 05:53 pm EDT)

    Forgot to mention I I bought the new version of the G3 in black anodized which disapears into the Tapco black stock.

  • Dean in Vegas(Wednesday, April 08 15 05:50 pm EDT)

    Marcus is The Man!!
    I finally got around to installing the adapter and all went smoothly. Since I also installed a Tapco Interfuse stock there was no need to modify the stock. My old cleaning rod aslo went back in place
    which was good since I have a flash hider that it lock in place. I did not use the railed upper hand guard since I like the smooth one and will now pick up a railed steel reciever to mount a 2X
    Barska tactical scope on, After that a Barska vertical front grip with intergrated light and a bipod that attaches to the bayonet mount and my SKS is a 21st Century "Black rifle".

  • Rocky(Tuesday, March 24 15 12:26 am EDT)

    I bought the G3 a couple months ago for my Yugo. I just put it in and went straight to the range. The fit was perfect with no modification needed for my tapco stock. Also modified 6 mags to go with
    it. Every mag ran flawlessly through 500 rnds. I am truly impressed with this adapter and would absolutely recommend to anyone. Oh yeah, and the customer service was outstanding.
    Thanks Marcus!!!!

  • Adam Armstrong(Sunday, February 22 15 09:36 am EST)

    Just finished up the sks with a sgworks kit and let me tell you knowing about the G/5, i probobly wouldnt have used the stock without this adapter man its so much better than the norm!
    Thanks again for the great product guys you did a great job on this thing!

  • adam armstrong(Tuesday, February 10 15 05:31 pm EST)

    I'm impressed and very thankful for the concern Marcus showed when i called to inquire about my order, which turned out to be mixed up at the post office. Its something when a random act of kindness
    is presented to you by someone you've never met or spoken to before that brings to question "why cant more people be like this guy?"
    To go out of his way to go to the post office and find my order and/ or replace it if its not there hardly would happen easy in any other situation, at least from what i've experienced from online
    shopping anyways. This guys the real deal man and i, for one of many im sure, will definately be a returning customer!
    For those of you thinking of buying from him, I encourage you fully as im confident you'll be as happy as i am with his service!
    Marcus, I thank you again for your dedication to your customers and ill speak with you again soon!

  • Sammie Nasur(Friday, November 14 14 12:26 pm EST)

    Thank you Marcus Taliaferro for being the top leading innovator in the evolution of the SKS platform products and prompt, quick service for us SKS customers. You are great and I will definitely do
    more business with you in the future. Keep up the great work and thank you again for all your help on my SKS. Sammie Nasur

  • Robert(Sunday, November 02 14 04:37 pm EST)

    Marcus Taliaferro continues to be the top leading innovator in the evolution of the SKS platform. Marcus's products and customer service are both top notch.

    With the release of the G9/A adapter Marcus has, in my opinion, raised the SKS platform on level or even a bit above the the AR platform. The ease of mag changes is on par with the AR platform but
    without the high prices associated with the AR platform. No more duckbill mags, No more rock and lock to seat the mags, just a nice gentle push and your mag is seated and you are ready go.

    You take a tried and battle field proven firearm like the SKS, add the the upgrades Marcus has introduced and you will end up with a decades old firearm that performs better and is more reliable than
    most new production firearms available for a fraction of the cost.

    My preferred configuration for the SKS is as follows:

    Tapco T-16 stock, Either a set of Tech Sights for iron sights or a railed receiver cover held to zero with Marcus's Button head screw upgrade for scope/red dot, cheese grater hand guard, A-2 style
    birdcage threaded muzzle brake, Marcus's G9/A adapter.

    With a Marcus's G9/A adapter and the SKS configuration like I outlined above, you will have all the other shooters at the range green with envy and wanting to own a SKS like yours.


  • James(Sunday, November 02 14 04:30 pm EST)

    I recently installed the g5 on my bullpup project...love it! Only thing better than the quality of the product is the customer service. Great experience as a customer.

  • Ron Chramosta(Saturday, November 01 14 11:48 am EDT)

    Installed the G5 in my SG Works bullpup today and it works great! Love having th mag release in front of the magazine. Thank you for the great product!

  • Louis(Sunday, October 19 14 10:29 pm EDT)

    Originally a user of the G5 adapter, I recently upgraded my SKS to utilize the G9 adapter with the ASC magazine. This adapter is amazing. I have shot over 200 rounds though it so far with various
    ammo - runs like a charm. Customer service was excellent - I stopped by Marcus' shop and he tweaked the installation for me at no charge. I plan on buying another one to build my son a hog hunter

  • cmblake6(Tuesday, September 16 14 12:05 pm EDT)

    I've had a G3 for years, it works beautifully. Due to a CBRPS stock install, I'm buying a G5. I have no doubt it will work every bit as well, and I trust Marcus with any customer service I may ever

  • Zachary Taylor(Wednesday, September 03 14 03:30 pm EDT)

    Just finished installing this mod for a customer in the bullpup stock, and saw on your instructions page that you hadn't done that yet, so just letting you know it's the same steps and rather simple.
    I'm actually Impressed (and NEVER am with SKS related anything), and would easily recommend to other customers.

1. Hey Marcus - The mag modification is fantastic and they go in and out like butter. The feeds are great on FMJ, SP and HP. I am very happy with all that you did for me. And thanks for fixing the mag latch. Don U. (Boomer34), 16Feb2010

2. Install was successful! I used the thin pin to secure the adapter and it looks like the pin already in the stock. I would recommend this to anyone who does not want to deal with the duckbill mags. Excellent product and highly recommended. Thanks Marcus! Steve C. (sks007), 27Feb2010

3. To those who would like to know what the duck-bill-less difference is. It is a quick snap, positive lock, fast change, no fumbling, closed bolt insertion, bolt hold open retaining, easy to carry extra round capacity modification that can transform your SKS into an efficient detachable high-cap magazine firearm with reliable function and massive lead slinging capabilities. A happy Mag-adapter Customer. Quote from: Martin08 on February 27, 2010.

4. Live fire went smooth as silk. Loaded two rounds in and feed went great and BHO engaged fine. Joe 15Mar2010

5. Boy is this gun fun to shoot. The mags "SNAP" into the rifle with this loud "CA-CHUNK" sound. I am one happy SKS duck-bill-less shooting fool. Thank you Marcus. Vegas Dave 01May2010

6. Success, I removed just a hair off the back of the adapter tab and no more problem. Those are some tight tolerances. I was a little short on time but I wanted to hear it make noise. Spit out 20 rounds, no sweat. I'd say it works. It makes a nice 'snap' sound when I click it home. Mike G. 01June2010

7. To anyone wondering, mag changes are just as fast, if not faster, much like loading an AK. It has that reassuring "click" and doesn't need much force to get it in place. This is a man who stands by his product. Carl 27June2010

8. At the range it proved to be more than just a good idea as it functioned flawlessly with both slow and rapid fire.The adapter is worth it's weight in gold if you desire reliable high capacity SKS fun, and with any luck the Marcus Mag adapter is here to stay. Mike A. 2July2010

9. I am a Reserve Deputy with the Garfield County Sheriff Department. With the increase in our crime, I have decided that I need to have a long gun in the patrol car when I am out in the county. I have had my SKS for a number of years and just didn't like the duckbill magazines that it took. They are too hard to carry in a pouch. Most of our deputies have AR's but I just can't afford one since I am not compensated for my work. The Sheriff doesn't care what I use and just says "When you go out to play, be sure to take all your toys with you". Thank You. Wendell G. Deputy, 18Aug2010

 The rifle performed flawlessly while operating on the border under some very rough conditions. I have also recommended your product to many of my fellow SKS owners who were very impressed by your product, again thank you for your assistance. Ernest 4Aug2010

 Marcus: She made it home, all nice and shiny....and working great!! Hey!, thanks for all the hard work and concern. A testament to the small businessman in this country. I'll keep you warned about what's coming your way from the North..........I'm close enough to the Canadian Border to spit. Bob 20Sep2010

12. Fit is nice and snug!  The explanation of the "V" cut helped it all make sense!  Thanks again!  Excellent use of RCH by the way... I've never really heard it used outside of the music recording world.  Good to know it's such a universal measurement term!  Dennis 28Nov2010


13. I finally make it to the range and it ran flawlessly! William B., 7Dec2010


14. It was a complete drop in fit...all I did was install the adapter and modify the stock and the mags and they just click into place. Thanks again Marcus. Dmac, 8May2011


15. Marcus, this is an  amazing product.  I cannot wait to get a G5!!! Put me down for a G5 when they're ready! Fort Knox, 24July2011


16. This thing is the cats meow. Robert, 15Nov11


17. So simple to install and works. Jeffery, 2Feb12


18. Just as advertised. Michael, 4July12


19. I wish I had known about this system years ago. Joe, 30Oct2012


20. Easy install. Mags were a snap to modify. Runs perfectly. Calvin, 18Dec2012.


21. Christmas present from my wife. It is beautiful and works. James, 3Jan2013.


22. Works just like Marcus said it would. Billy, 14April2013.


23. Amazing. Don, 16Aug2013.


24. Workmanship is top drawer AND it really works. Bill, 25Oct2013.


25. Not one failure to feed or failure to eject, just like Marcus told me. I recommend you buy this adapter. You won't be sorry. RC, 11Nov2013.


26. I had an install issue. Marcus walked me through it. Runs perfectly. Excellent customer service. Thomas, 12Feb2014.


27. The trigger was sticking on my G5. Called Marcus, he said put a drop of RemOil in it and work the release. Worked in 5 seconds. His Customer Service is excellent.  Roland, 12Mar2014.


28. Bought this system and tried it. It worked perfectly. Ralph, 10April2014.


29. Bought one. It worked so well, I bought 3 more for my other SKS rifles. You will love how the G5 works with the Tapco mags. Gil, 20May2014.


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